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My First Tri, Will Tri Again!


Recording life in EXACTLY six words, this top post is updated with my daily musing. You can read more about this project as well as all my entries since September 2009 on my 6-word blog:  The Pam-oirs

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A Twitter friend (also known as a “Tweep”) sent me a great link to a post featuring pictures of cats in various yoga poses, one of which is featured below. Be sure to click on the link to see all of the hilarious photos.  Thanks to Danny Ashton for sharing this with me, as well as the folks at SimplySweat for the original post.

10 Yoga Postures Performed By Cats

Most of Yoga actually imitates what animals do easily and many yoga positions will require you to imitate some sort of animal. Old Yoga gurus believed that by taking the posture of a certain animal; we can embody the cosmic energy and thus achieve a stability of mind and body.

Cat doing Cobra (a.k.a. Bhujangasana)

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Who Gets the Pass?

Why is it that some of us walk through our lives, expecting that others should know and understand that we are wounded and give us a pass on our insecurities, while at the very same time we’ll make no allowance for the possibility that other people are equally (and perhaps even more) wounded, hurt & insecure too?

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… for ME!

The following announcement is from SMITH Magazine about the release of their latest book, which … I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before! 🙂 … I’m IN!

* * *
The Story of the Six-Word Memoir Phenom & Review of
“It All Changed in an Instant”

* * *

It’s SMITH Magazine’s four-year anniversary. And what better way to celebrate than with the release of our fourth book of Six-Word Memoirs, It All Changed in an Instant: More Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure. The book has six-word memoirs from Malcolm Gladwell, Wally Lamb, Junot Diaz, Amy Tan, James Frey, Art Spiegelman, Sarah Silverman, Molly Ringwald, Margaret Cho, Yogi Berra, Tony Hawk, Tony Kushner, and many, many SMITH community members (including me, PAMELA WALSH!) And this is first collection of six-word memoirs to include some very wild, intense backstories.

If you’re going to buy it, and we hope so, get it today from Amazon. If everyone buys it via Amazon on the same day, it has a shot at shooting up the Amazon charts, which makes a big, big difference in the life of a book. Bonus: then you’ll have a really cool book for your bathroom (we know that’s where it goes…..) and to take to your next party instead of having a “let’s find a $10 bottle of wine that doesn’t look like a $10 bottle of wine” moment at the store.

The book tour will be in Austin this Friday, January 8, 2010 at 7 PM at BookPeople. Details and the full tour schedule.

Thank you all,

Larry & Rachel

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As those of you who have read this blog know, a little over a year ago I became fascinated with six-word memoirs after hearing about this particular story form in a piece on NPR. The people at the storytelling website SmithMag had published a book, a collection of 6 word memoirs. I loved the creative challenge, and in SHORT form started a new “micro” blog to chronicle my own daily entries, which I’ve been doing for the last 15 months. The name of the blog, “The Pam-oirs,” was my friend Diane Henry’s inspired idea!

Fast forward …. last month, I received word that one of my “memoirs” was selected for a new book of this unique story form. It All Changed in an Instant: More Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure will be released this month, and they are kicking off their book tour in Austin with an event with readings at BookPeople this coming Friday night, January 8, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Thousands of memoirs are written every year, most of them clocking in at over 40,000 words. In It All Changed in an Instant, writers (both famous and not) are challenged to write their own six-word memoirs. The results range from funny to poignant. Authors Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser will be here at 7 PM. We are running a six-word memoir contest in honor of this event, so bring your brief memoirs to the reading where will award prizes to the winners! Here’s our six: Reading of short memoirs inspires, entertains. Our readings are fun, participatory, and short! We start on time & end 45 minutes later.

Six Word Memoirs are intriguing. Can you concisely tell a story in EXACTLY six words? But one of the things that I particularly enjoy about this genre is their inherent  mystery. While sometimes the story behind the memoir is quite obvious, often times the reader is left to wonder, “what’s this really about?” Many times I have had folks say to me,”Oh, I know what THAT one was about,” only to be wrong in their assumption. For me, that is the fun. The interpretation can be so universal, but if you know the story, it’s a bit like pulling the curtain back on the Wizard of Oz.

So, if any of you are interested in seeing this art form in action (not to mention celebrating the book’s release), I’d be so honored to share the evening with you. BookPeople is located in downtown Austin at 603 N. Lamar, next to Whole Foods. Additional book events are scheduled for Brooklyn, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Seattle & New York City. For dates and more information, please check out the book tour schedule. And finally, pictured below is MY page, PAGE 123! Woo-hoooooo!

Get your copy soon! It’s great bathroom reading material! And remember …

Today the Toilet, Tomorrow the Coffee Table!


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Erma Bombeck

Editor’s Note: Erma Bombeck is one of my all-time favorite writers. I was a huge fan of her columns which ran in our local paper while I was growing up & to this day, one of the highest compliments I can receive on a piece of my writing is that it reminds a reader of Erma. Her self-deprecating humor not only provided many smiles but also comforted those of us who didn’t feel like we lived up to the Beaver Cleaver images of family & motherhood. When she passed away in 1996, I felt like I’d lost a family member.

While I have several favorite “Erma” essays — and many can be found in her book  Forever, Erma: Best-Loved Writing From America’s Favorite Humorist — the one below is my all-time Christmas sentiment.  Merry Christmas, Everybody!

* * *

Christmas Chimes ~ by Erma Bombeck

Everything is in readiness.

The tree is trimmed.  The cards taped to the door frame.  The boxes stacked in glittering disarray under the tree.

Why don’t I hear chimes?

Remember the small boy who made the chimes ring in a fictional story years ago?  As the legend went, the chimes would not ring unless a gift of love was placed on the altar.  Kings and men of great wealth placed untold jewels there, but year after year the church remained silent.

Then one Christmas Eve, a small child in a tattered coat made his way down the aisle, and without anyone noticing he took off his coat and placed it on the altar.  The chimes rang out joyously throughout the land to mark the unselfish giving of a small boy.

I used to hear chimes.

I heard them the year one of my sons gave me a tattered piece of construction paper on which he had crayoned two hands folded in prayer and a moving message, OH COME HOLY SPIT!

I heard them the year I got a shoe box that contained two baseball cards and the gum was still with them.

I heard them the Christmas they all got together and cleaned the garage.

They’re gone, aren’t they?  The years of the lace doilies fashioned into snowflakes … the hands traced in plaster of paris … the Christmas trees of pipe cleaners … the thread spools that held small candles.  They’re gone.

The chubby hands that clumsily used up $2 worth of paper to wrap a cork coaster are sophisticated enough to take a number and have the gift wrapped professionally.

The childish decision of when to break the ceramic piggy bank with a hammer to spring the 59 cents is now resolved by a credit card.

The muted thump of pajama-covered feet padding down the stairs to tuck her homemade crumb scrapers beneath the tree has given way to pantyhose and fashion boots to the knee.

It’ll be a good Christmas.  We’ll eat too much.  Make a mess in the living room.  Throw the warranties into the fire by mistake.  Drive the dog crazy taping bows to his tail.  Return cookies to the plate with a bite out of them.  Listen to Christmas music.

But Lord … what I would give to bend low and receive a gift of toothpicks and library paste and hear the chimes just one more time!

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Checking out the other bitches at the lake


Begging to go out to the Boat

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